Slippery (30 Caps to get WETTER)

Slippery (30 Caps to get WETTER)

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Slippery capsules are worth trying. We all know that you can never be too wet because wetter is better! Slippery is safe for all and well tolerated. 



Take one capsule by mouth twice a day, consistently. It takes 2 to 4 days to get into your system.


The bottle contains 30 capsules. Its primary constituent is mucilage from the Slippery Elm Bark Tree, which is what makes "you" so slippery. It also contains Trace Amino Acids, Manganese, and Zinc, which are important for reproductive system health. The ground bark has been used for hundreds of years to heal slippery, juicy tissues like the stomach, esophagus, and vagina. 

This product is 100% ALL NATURAL

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Customer Reviews

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S.M. (Fort Worth, US)
Had im fighting not to cum in me

My ex boss / friend with benefit and I slept together and he was drowning in it ! He kept saying it’s so wet and he looked at me and said I’m trying not to cum in you but you’re so tight and wet ! He was not ready for this waterfall ! He kept saying his pull out game is strong but he quickly realized my wet 🐱 is stronger ! These pills are amazing and it makes me so horny ! My sex life is amazing! I squirted while giving him head and this was before I knew to take twice a day I was only taking one ! So I can only imagine what will happen when I take them as directed

Shirley Williams (Freeland, US)

I think it's a great product I tried it works great me and my husband really enjoyed it thanks

Amanda Thomas (Miami, US)

Slippery (30 Caps to get WETTER)

G (Raleigh, US)
Amazing Product

I've been taking product this for months now. It works! Even if I skip a few days it still works by keeping me slippery. Highly recommend! I've purchased 3 times. Will continue to use.

S. (Hartford, US)
Love it

Been taking these about two weeks and finally got to put it to the test last night and i must say, it was a river down there..definitely recommend